Terms and Conditions

These are the terms and conditions with which you (the User), regulate the use and enjoyment of the web mindalleys.com. Being a user of the web mindalleys.com implies that you expressly consent to these conditions and what is derived from the applicable legal regulations in this matter. If you do not agree with these conditions, please do not continue using this website.

1. The object of the web

The web, mindalleys.com (hereinafter the web) has been made for informational purposes only for its users, who have information that is offered free of charge and accessible to everyone without having to pay any amount at any time of access. It is about this environment especially, on which we wish to establish the present conditions and limitations of use, which extends and adds in all the complementary and non-contradictory clauses to those that other parts of the web subject to general conditions may cover.

2. Opinions expressed by its users

MINDALLEYS is not responsible for the opinions, judgments or comments, expressed by users in this, or in any of its sites, in those areas provided for that purpose, such as the discussion forums, or any other section of this site. Any information, judgment, comment or information expressed by our users is subject to their sole responsibility.

3. Material published by the user

The information, opinions, judgments or comments published in the discussion forums of this site, or in any other space provided for it, do not imply a proprietary nature thereof.

The provider of this service reserves the right to use, modify, reproduce, translate, transmit or distribute any information and material provided by you, or sent to the service through the established areas, and any other existing or to be developed means, for any possible use of the same, included in commercial use.

Any information or material provided or transmitted to this service is subject to the privacy regulations approved by MINDALLEYS, and which is accessible at any time through the links provided for this purpose on this site.

4. Copyright

MINDALLEYS undertakes to respect the intellectual property of third parties at all times and asks its users to respect these rights in the same way. CondéNet may, under certain circumstances and at its sole discretion, deny access to its contents to users, subscribers and registrants who violate current intellectual property laws.

If you consider that any of your works has been copied and is available on this service in a way that violates the law, or discovers links to third-party websites that also violate the applicable regulations in this matter, contact CondéNet to notify this situation by any of these possible ways:

Email: inf@mindalleys.com

5. The material provided by third parties

As a user of this site, you agree not to demand from MINDALLEYS any type of responsibility regarding any information or material provided by third parties, including those considered defamatory, offensive or illegal.

6. Limitations of use and protection of information and contents

The content and information that the user can access through the web, mainly through the search engine or within the space reserved for registered users, are the property of Mindalleys. This information can be viewed for personal, informative and non-commercial uses, but it is prohibited to copy, distribute, execute, reproduce, license, transfer or sell any type of information that is extracted from the Mindalleys website.

7. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions

By using the content and services on this site, you accept the conditions set out here, remaining subject to current legal regulations, for any possible conflict or legal dispute.

If you do not accept the conditions and rules of use set out here, you must leave this service.