4 Reasons Why You Should Meditate in the Morning

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4 Reasons Why You Should Meditate in the Morning

For many people, the morning is the ideal time to meditate - including me. And there are good reasons that I would like to...

For many people, the morning is the ideal time to meditate – including me. And there are good reasons that I would like to convince you to do the meditation in the morning.

However, if you already meditate regularly at a different time of the day and it works for you, please ignore this article.

I generally recommend picking a time for meditation that works best for you and fits into your schedule. So if you are already meditating consistently at another time: stick with it. You are doing everything right.

But if you are still inconsistent with meditation or are trying out different times of the day, there are now four reasons why the morning is ideal.

Here the 4 reasons why you should meditate in the morning:

1. It’s quiet in the morning

Morning is the quietest time of the day. It is the time before conferences, work, study, and commitments. That is why the silent mode of meditation fits particularly well with this silent time of day.

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2. Not that many obstacles appear in the morning

If you don’t read emails in the morning before meditating, leave your smartphone alone, and don’t get involved in other things, nothing can get in the way of meditation. You can set your alarm a little earlier, do the morning toilet, and then meditate. As simple as that.

This way you have the best chance to pull off your meditation before everyday life and work take over.

meditate in the morning

3. Make you more productivity

Most people find it difficult to make decisions as soon as they wake up. However, if you get used to meditating after you wake up, there is nothing to decide.

If you wonder what should I do first this morning? Well, the answer is always: meditate.

There is nothing else to decide or think about. First the meditation. Only then do you decide what to eat for breakfast, what clothes to put on or which task to do first. And you feel that after the meditation your mind is much clearer, more alert and more focused than before. And with that clear state of mind, you are ready to think about the rest of the day.

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4. Meditation creates the basis for a fantastic day

The first thing you do when you wake up is to set the course for the whole day. If you want to live your day with energy, ease, awareness and inner peace, start it with activities that promote these states of mind, such as meditation and morning affirmation.

Tips for morning grouches and night owls

If you’re struggling to get going in the morning or are a night owl trying to become a morning person, try these tips:

  • Waking up is harder in a dark room. Therefore, leave the curtains or blinds open at night to let the light into your bedroom at sunrise. Or turn on the light as soon as the alarm goes off.
  • As soon as you wake up, go to the bathroom and splash cold water on your face – it is refreshing and stimulating.
  • Inhale deeply under your nose with peppermint oil a few times to stimulate the senses.
  • Take a shower first.
  • Do some exercise or yoga – just a few push-ups or sun salutations will wake you up quickly.
  • Don’t make huge changes overnight, just adapt slowly. If you are used to going to bed after 2 am and not getting up before 10 am, you cannot suddenly change your usual routine by four hours overnight. Try to get up an hour earlier first. If that works for you, try two hours, then three and four.

If I could convince you, start your first-morning meditation.

Instead of hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock, use the first 5, 10, or 20 minutes of the day to calm your mind and meditate in silence.

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