Meditation for Beginners: 7 Simple Tips to Get Started Meditation

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You have heard a lot about the positive effects of meditation and now you really want to meditate – but you don’t know how to start? Today, Mindalleys will guide you through 7 simple tips to get started meditation.

We think that everyone should meditate regularly! Getting started is difficult for many: the feet fall asleep, the thoughts in the head tend to get louder than quieter and it seems impossible to find 10 minutes for meditation on a regular basis. Therefore we have put together a few basic tips for everyone interested in meditation, which facilitate the entry into the meditation practice.

guided meditation

1. Find quite place to meditate

This place can be in your apartment or a bench in the park. It is important that you are undisturbed that nobody interrupts you there and it is relatively quiet. Make sure you turn off your cell phone as well!

2. Choose warm and cozy clothes

Wear comfortable clothes that don’t pinch, scratch, or rustle. You can cool down quickly during meditation, so warm clothing, a scarf around your shoulders and warm socks are recommended.

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3. Choose a fixed time

Set a specific time for your (daily) meditation and enter it in your calendar. The early morning is ideal because your mind is still relatively calm at this time and you are not yet sunk into everyday chaos. Any other time is fine – the most important thing is that you meditate regularly.

right meditation posture

4. Sitting posture

At the beginning of the meditation, sit in a comfortable position with your back straight. A cross-legged position is particularly suitable for meditation, as the energy flows in a triangle. But there are other sitting postures that you can try.

Do not lean your back to avoid drawing energy away from your spine. You can either fold your hands or place them on your knees or thighs. If the hands are on the knees or thighs, the palms can point upwards or downwards, and the thumb and forefinger are touching.

5. Come to rest

Close your eyes and ask your mind to be quiet for a certain amount of time (e.g. 5 minutes). If your thoughts start to wander, ignore them and focus on your breathing again. Notice how you slowly become calmer inside.

To relax and calm down, you can practice deep abdominal breathing over a few breaths: When you breathe in, the stomach goes out and when you breathe out, the stomach goes in. You can also place your hands on your stomach so that you can feel the movements of the stomach. Try to inhale and exhale equally long, about 3 to 4 seconds each. You can also repeat mantras, prayers or affirmations, for example:

  • I connect with the cosmic energy.
  • I ask all masters / my master to guide me.
  • I send light and love to all beings.

You can also ask your higher self for specific help:

  • I will be brave.
  • Please show me the solution for …

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6. Meditation

Meditate for yourself for a few minutes. When you feel thoughts arise, return to breathing.

But as Swami Vishnu-devananda said, “Do not force the mind to be still.” Approach the meditation in a relaxed manner and do not set yourself too high goals. Meditation for beginners is the best started with 5 minutes of meditation daily and gradually increase. With a little practice, you can even manage to meditate as long as you want without having to look at the time.

7. At the end of the meditation

Deepen your breath. Perhaps repeat a few affirmations, similar to what you did at the beginning. Repeat “OM” aloud 3 times. In this way bring the power, calm and energy of meditation into your daily life.

We hope these tips will help you get started with meditation. Just stick with it – everyone can meditate! We wish you all at peace!

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