How to Reduce Stress: 17 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

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How to Reduce Stress: 17 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

We all have more or less stress. And you can find thousands of articles on the Internet to help you relieve stress after a...

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We all have more or less stress. And you can find thousands of articles on the Internet to help you relieve stress after a busy day.

The way of satisfaction life without stress is hardly possible in our hectic world. Stress is an answer to the demands of life. However, most of the stress in our lives is unnecessary – or so I think. If you carefully change your life in small steps, break a few bad habits and adopt a few good ones, you can eliminate many of the stress triggers. I’ll tell you how to do it right away.

Relieve Stress

Here are 17 simple ways to relieve stress and anxiety:

1. Recognize the stress triggers

The most important step in relieving stress is: Identifying the triggers. Which people, activities or things trigger stress in you?

Take 10-15 minutes for it. Think about all the things that stress you out during the day. There may also be weekly events that stress you out. Think about what other people’s actions are causing you stress.

It’s best to make a list and see what can be eliminated from it. For the things that you can’t sort out, try to find ways to make them less stressful.

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2. Cut unnecessary obligations

We all have too many obligations in our lives. This starts with work and includes obligations at home, to the children, spouse, hobbies, part-time jobs, internet, religion, community and more.

Carefully consider how stressful these obligations are. And identify how important are they for you and your life? Think about it. Then radically delete the biggest stress triggers.

3. Postpone

This is an important point. We all love to put things off until later. But if we’re not careful, the mountain of tasks becomes bigger and bigger and then causes stress in us.

Therefore, try to complete incoming tasks as quickly as possible and not postpone them.

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4. Multitasking

While working on multiple tasks at the same time looks productive, the truth is, it makes you slower. Because you always have to refocus when you jump from the current task to another. In addition, you usually jump to one or two other tasks afterwards before you return to the current task.

You can get things done faster and with less stress, if you only focus on one thing at a time and do it completely before you start a new task. Instead of multitasking, learn single-tasking.

5. Delay

Coming too late is always stressful. We’re rushing to finish. We rush to get there on time. We are stressed all the time because it makes a bad impression to be late.

Get used to being 10 minutes earlier – and the stress will go away. Make a serious effort to get ready earlier and get on your way to an appointment earlier. This will also make driving less stressful.

Stop the time it takes to get ready and how long it takes to go anywhere. You must have underestimated the times. However, if you know the times, then you can plan backwards so that you always appear 10 minutes earlier. That’s a good feeling.

6. Clutter

To some extent, we are all messy. Even if we have a great system to keep some order, it doesn’t take long and the mess is back. Most of the time we need something urgently and cannot find it in the chaos.

Take your time and bring order to the chaos. Start with your desk and paperwork at home. Then move on to other areas.

7. Avoid toxin people

You know them all. If you think about it for a minute, you already have a list: co-workers, customers, friends, family that are making your life more stressful.

Don’t fight them in the first place, just delete them from your life. If this is difficult, then limit the interaction to only the bare minimum. Try not to let them stress you out.

8. Simplify life

Simplifying life is generally a good idea. Make a good daily routine, your obligations, your intake of information, your cluttered rooms, the mass of stuff in your life – and have less stress as a result.

9. Unscheduled times

Make yourself more free time. There is no need to plan every minute of life. Learning to avoid meeting creates open blocks of time. You can use this by either working on your most important tasks or doing several smaller tasks.

If someone asks you to meet, try to resolve the matter over the phone or email first – it won’t work, but avoid making an appointment. Ask the person to call you back later to see if you will have time.

reduce stress

10. Calm and slow

Instead of rushing through life, try to slow down. Learn to take things slowly. Enjoy your food, enjoy the people around you, enjoy the outdoors. This step alone can avoid a lot of stress.

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11. Relax during the day

Short breaks are also important during the working day. Stop what you are doing right now. Run around or do a few stretches, massage your shoulders, neck, and head. Have a glass of water quietly.

You can also go outside and enjoy the fresh air and nature. Or talk to someone you like. Life is not all about work and productivity.

Also, avoid overusing the internet and social media as stress relievers – get away from your computer and cell phone to relax.

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12. Exercise

Exercise is a wonderful remedy for stress – which is well known. Sport not only helps with stress, but it also prevents stress. Exercise also makes you healthier and less prone to stress.

eat healthy

13. Eat healthy

Eating healthy and exercising together is a great way to avoid stress. Get healthier and a major cause of stress will go away. Eating too fatty can also create a bad mood and increase stress levels.

14. Be grateful

This may be harder to understand than the other points, but developing a grateful attitude is a form of positive thinking. Negative thoughts are destroyed and stress is reduced.

Learn to be thankful for what you have for the people in your life and see it as a gift. With this approach to life, stress decreases and satisfaction increases.

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15. Create a peaceful environment for yourself

You cannot work stress-free in a confusing and disruptive environment. So take the time to tidy up your desk and workspace.

In a peaceful environment, you are more relaxed and more productive. Create a tidy and peaceful environment at home too.

16. Quit your job

Sounds crazy! Probably too blatant for most. But remember: Your work is most likely your greatest stress factor.

But if you can get out of your 9-to-5 job and find something that you really enjoy doing, then you will also lead a happier and less stressful life. Think about it before you decline – there may be options you haven’t considered.

17. Meditate

Meditation has been shown to reduce stress. Meditating for 10-20 minutes a day brings calm and clarity to your mind and get better sleep at night. It is important to meditate regularly. Only then will you feel the positive effects of meditation.

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