9 Healthy Snacks to Eat Between Meals

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That of going to the kitchen and pecking at what has been left on the counter is one of the customs that most harm the regimes that seek weight loss. That of eating between meals becomes a habit sometimes governed by impulse capable of truncating any intention to aspire to be healthy.

It is ideal for afternoon and morning snacks. Combine them throughout the week, spread and organize.

Take all these snacks that you can go to when you feel the call of appetite. They are healthy and low in calories.

1. Yogurt with nuts

Add a handful of red berries to a plain, sugar-free yogurt: add blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, or blueberries. Add nuts, raw or toasted and top with a drizzle of honey.

healthy snacks

2. Popcorn

But some homemade ones, with the grain of the corn in a frying pan. They will not have butter or excess salt, but in exchange, you can add all the spices and herbs you want.

healthy snacks

3. Roasted chickpeas

After having soaked some chickpeas, season them with lemon, cumin, paprika and curry, pass them through the pan or in the oven for 40 minutes. They will drive you crazy.

healthy snacks

4. Fruit salad

Do you like fruits? Add banana, peach, blueberry, etc. Cut your favorite fruits into small squares and mix them.

healthy snacks

5. Vegetable chips

Slice, very thin, eggplant or a carrot and put them in the oven. Vegetable chips will satiate you without filling your calorie reserves.

healthy snacks

6. Walnuts and pipes

They provide energy in a healthy way. Which ones to start with? For the cashews, the nines, the pistachios and the almonds.

healthy snacks

7. Homemade oat bars

Oatmeal, nuts and honey will be the necessary ingredients so that you can make your own energy bars at home.

healthy snacks

8. Kiwi, spinach and mint smoothie

This juice refreshes and cleanses. Take a handful of fresh spinach and, in a blender, combine them with a kiwi, an orange and some mint leaves. Don’t forget to let it cool in the fridge.

healthy snacks

9. Fresh cheese with nuts

Combine fresh cheese with red berries and nuts. It will satiate you and the different textures will add excitement, and few calories to your snack.

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