8 Signs That You Are Much More Attractive Than You Think

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Have you ever thought about how attractive you are or how well you are received by others? Certainly. And you’ve definitely come to the conclusion that you look okay, but that there is still room for improvement. The three kilos too much would have to go, your hair could be a bit fuller and your eyelashes a bit longer.
Total nonsense! There is a good chance that you are a lot more attractive than you actually think. You’re just misjudging it.

We reveal here how you can tell that others find you sexy and attractive:

1. You hardly get compliments

Huh? What is the point of that? But actually: people who get a few compliments are perceived as extremely attractive. Because it’s like this: The people around you think you look so great that you don’t have to be told again. After all, you know that yourself. That’s why extremely good-looking people rarely get compliments.

2. If you get a compliment, it is only emotionless

You hardly ever get compliments and when you do, they are totally clumsy: “You look great, as always”. Wow! A little more would have been nice. But as already mentioned: We assume that attractive people know exactly how hot they are, which is why we hardly try to give them great, unusual compliments.

3. Strangers try to make eye contact with you

Words can lie, our body language cannot. If someone is watching you or looking after you, then there is no denying that they find you attractive. So if a stranger looks deep into your eyes and smiles, he’ll try to connect with you. It can seem a little strange, scary, or aggressive at times, but take it easy – he’s just interested in you and guaranteed not to harm you.

4. People raise their eyebrows when they look at you

It is scientifically proven that when we like someone, we automatically raise our eyebrows. Why? When we raise our eyebrows and smile at the same time, our face appears more open and friendlier; after all, we want to please the other person.

5. Others kiss mouth when they look at you

We are not talking about a selfie duck face, but rather a very subtle movement – a short pursed lip. If you see this in the other person, it means that he would secretly like to kiss you. By the way, the same applies if he or she is constantly running his or her tongue over his or her lips. A sure sign that you’re a pretty hot sweeper.

6. People try to get closer to you

How often do you try to get close to someone you don’t like? Never? Exactly. So if someone tries to get very close to you, it means that they like you. This becomes particularly clear when he tries to touch you, hold your hand or put an arm around you in the conversation.

7. People are surprised when they hear that you have complexes

When people around you find out that you don’t have a lot of self-confidence or complexities and they react extremely surprised to it, that’s a big compliment or, much more, a sign of your attractiveness. Because remember, we cannot imagine an attractive person not finding himself hot.

8. Others are extremely nice or extremely rude to you

When people love you, it means one thing: you are very similar to them. A confident person who knows they are attractive and successful will appreciate these qualities in others too. She will approach similarly attractive people in a very open and friendly manner. They see you as an equal. If you are hated instead, it just means: The other person is jealous of you and not happy with their own life. So, no worries.

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