6 Easy Ways to Stimulate Metabolism

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Do you feel tired and drained? Do you find it incredibly difficult to lose weight, even though you stick to your diet and exercise plan with discipline? Then you should urgently stimulate your metabolism again and get it going!

A perfectly functioning metabolism ensures that our body works at full speed, utilizes nutrients sensibly and eliminates toxins. If your metabolism is not going so well, there are a few tips that will help you get your metabolism going again. If these tips don’t help you in the long run, you should consult a doctor to clarify any metabolic disorders.


1. Plenty of water for a healthy metabolism

To really get your metabolism going, it’s important that you drink plenty of water. This helps to reliably eliminate toxins from the body. The slagging, as the accumulation of toxins is also known, is the main reason for many malfunctions in our organism. The more unfavorable and unhealthy foods you eat, the more water you should drink to detoxify the body. If you eat a healthy diet and stay away from sweets, pizza and soft drinks, around 2 liters per day are sufficient. Of course, the ideal amount of water for your metabolism also depends on your physical activity. Even on hot days, you should drink at least twice as much. There is hardly any upper limit in terms of water supply.

2. Metabolism Booster: Fresh Food

It is best for your body to eat as little unprocessed food and as many fruits and vegetables as possible. If you do without fast food for a while, your body will thank you. You will notice that your metabolism becomes more active again, you will feel fitter and full of energy. All kinds of vegetables, fruits and nuts, in particular, contain a lot of fiber, which has a very positive effect on your metabolism and stimulates it. It is important to have an optimal combination of minerals, vitamins and fiber that push your metabolism as best as possible. Vegetables are among the best foods to stimulate the metabolism because there are few calories for a very high nutrient density. Fruit, low-fat meat and low-fat fish, as well as whole grain products or quinoa, are just as suitable.

3. Exercise for the optimal metabolism

Still, the best and most efficient way to get your metabolism going is to get enough exercise. Activities in the fresh air, in particular, optimally increase metabolic activity and also provide energy and joy of life. It doesn’t matter whether you choose jogging, Nordic walking or biking. It is important that you have fun and enjoy doing it. This gets your metabolism going and your immune system becomes fitter.

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4. 3-5 meals a day help to stimulate the metabolism

Constant hunger robs the body of energy and slows down the metabolism. Therefore, it is optimal that you do not have too long periods of hunger between meals. Either you have 5 smaller meals or you plan smaller and healthy snacks between the main meals. Most of your food should consist of fiber, as it is low in calories and keeps you feeling full for a long time. Vegetables with a lot of fiber include broccoli, peas and Brussels sprouts.

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5. Get enough sleep for a healthy metabolism

A major cause of a slowed metabolism is an acute lack of sleep. In adulthood, you should sleep between 7 and 9 hours on average. Another side effect of sleep deprivation is the lack of energy for the body. And our body recovers this energy in the form of energy-rich (and above all unhealthy) foods. Therefore, after a night of drinking, you are usually hungry for unhealthy snacks.

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6. Boost your metabolism with the metabolic diet

The metabolic diet is about getting the metabolism back on its feet and stimulating it properly. A very strict menu is planned for about 2 weeks, which prohibits any consumption of sugar, salt and alcohol. Carbohydrates should also be largely avoided.

In order to achieve long-term and healthy weight loss, we advise you to change your diet. Radical diets can cause and promote eating disorders. Eating disorder is a serious illness that needs professional help.

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