Guided Meditation: 20 Minutes to Help You Sleep Better

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In this guided meditation session, we present practice to help you fall asleep better.

The stress accumulated during the day can make you reach the end of it flooded with worries, pending tasks, afflictive emotions and even with an activation that does not allow you to repair yourself in the well-deserved rest of the night.

Thus, sleep is one of the main behaviours to take care of yourself and that is why we started guiding you with it.

In this meditation session, it is important to be able to choose the moment before bedtime. From the calm and silence of your room and your bed to be able to allow yourself to these 20 minutes of self-care. We abandon the way of doing to connect with the way of being, with the sensations of your body to release tensions and the bombardment of thoughts of the conceptual mind. However, to obtain better effectiveness from it, we recommend that a few hours before going to bed, you should begin to reduce the stimulation to which you expose yourself, both from thoughts and from device screens.

To improve results, it will be important that you can integrate it into your day to day, along with a healthy diet and a regular practice of moderate exercise. Healthy habits will support the training of your mind. Don’t forget any part of yourself.

We wish you at peace and happy rest!

Mindalleys Team

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